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AMG Home Renovation


Manuel Garcia has had the luck to work most of his life in his dream work: restoration, repair, and design of spaces tailored to his clients. He knew this environment early in his life when he started as a bricklayer helping to build schools.

Garcia learned how to build houses from scratch and became the chief assistant of an engineer with whom he learned about structures, measures, columns, materials, demolition, and reconstruction.

After several years of experience as a contractor of multifamily units and apartment construction, he set up his contractor company, specializing in what he likes most: remodeling houses or commercial properties.

Why chose AMG Home Renovation

AMG Home Renovation dominates all aspects of the remodeling and construction business: design, repair, expansion, bathrooms, kitchens, rooms, plumbing, electricity, air conditioners, walls, floors, ceilings, painting, closets, cabinets, even woodwork, moldings, and doors. In a few words: everything that includes general remodeling work.

AMG Home Renovations have the know-how, the taste for harmonious style, and the experience of more than 20 years renovating and creating friendly spaces for their customers: individuals, and companies. “It is our target to make the improvements right and stick to your budget.”

The next project can be yours!

AMG Home Renovation
AMG Home Renovation
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